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Oct 29, 2012 6:00pm EDT
to the same emissions oversight as other energy industry sectors. the environmental integrity project -- the lead organization behind the request -- says companies, especially those that conduct fracking, should have to report their emissions to the toxic release inventory, or tri. in a statement, the group said -- the request comes on the heels of recent studies alleging increased health risks in communities exposed to fracking. a survey by earthworks of residents in 14 pennsylvania counties found that fracking has led to 80% increase in sinus problems and 70% increase in throat irritation. a recent u.s. geological survey study in wyoming found that fracking chemicals have again been found in the groundwater of the town of pavillion, affirming the conclusion of an epa study last year. a leading pakistani politician and campaigner against u.s. drone attacks was detained and questioned over his political views on friday while trying to enter the u.n. states. imran khan says he was taken off a flight from toronto to new york and interrogated by u.s. agents about his public opposition to
Oct 30, 2012 6:00pm EDT
or south america. you go back to the 1940's, the state department recognize that the energy resources of the middle east are what they called one of the greatest material prices in world history. spectacular source of strategic power. if we can control middle east energy, we can control the world. take a look at the u.s.-british coup in iran in 1953. a very important event. shadows cast over the world until today. that was a pretense, was part of the cold war but had nothing to do the cold war. it had to do with fear. it was not even concerned with access to oil or profits. it was concerned with control. control of the oil resources of iran, in fact, the region. that is a theme that runs right through policy decisions not discussed much, but very important to have control. as advisers pointed out in the 1940's, if you can control the oil, you can control most of the world. and that goes on so far, the threat of the arab spring has been pretty well contained in the oil dictatorships, which of the most important ones for the west, every effort to join the arab spring has just been crush
Nov 2, 2012 6:00pm EDT
patterns and pushed the cold air down, in essence, super energized the storm. it added a lot of energy and geographic reach to the storm, and made it not just an ordinary hurricane but this much more extreme event. that is a good illustration. it is not that there wod nott have been a hurricane. there would have been a hurricane either way, bu became an extraordinary hurricane combined with this cold air from over canada. it seems, as a result of the larger atmospheric patterns change. >> paul barrett, talk about the european insurance company. can you talk about what they are seeing in saying? >> absolutely. i thought it was relevt after serving some of the signs to talk about this really interesting report from a german insurance company. it is the insurance that is purchased by other insurance companies as back up insurance. munich re is a company that in one sense that compiles data in a bloodless, profit oriented way in order to figure out what the costs are going to be related to storm hazards among other disasters. this report was put out on october 17, before the storm, before
Oct 29, 2012 8:00am PDT
were so high! great job! children need to run, and they need to work off that energy. but along with that, we provide challenges for them. for instance, i would hope in an appropriate preschool you would always see a climber... and a climber having stairs, a climber having maybe a chain that they will have to problem solve and figure out how to move on that. so even though they are running off energy, they're also outside problem-solving, figuring out ways to move their bodies on different objects to promote that development. hendrick: vigorous play is the breath of life to children. our young people need to climb... crawl... run... balance... and hang from equipment. what would you do? how would you use your environment? what sorts of activities and equipment would you suggest that would help your children maximize their playtime? we have...sometimes we involve dancing in our lesson plans. we have things like the balance beam out, and that stimulates their coordination and their sense of balance. um...even going outside and running. so far, we have looked at how to provide an a
Oct 31, 2012 8:00am PDT
the energy per charge, we're talking about a concept called voltage. guess where the voltage will be higher, here or here? when i hold it like this, i'll have a voltage difference. when i hold it like this, i'll have-- the same. --no voltage difference. when i hold it like this, you saw a current. when i held it like this, you saw no current. i wonder if there's a reason for that. we're gonna talk about that next time. see you then. physics, yey. [music]
Nov 1, 2012 3:00pm PDT
care about you, but they've never had this. and i go to the mailbox and i don't have the energy to walk out there. i couldn't sit back down, and i'm scared to move because i'm scared it'll happen again. so it's sort of a vicious cycle, and then you think, "well, here i am. i don't know what to do about this." my brother's a doctor and encouraged me to come to the emory cardiac rehab program. well, i didn't much want to but in february i did start. february of '92, i did come to the program. and the part of that that's so good is that they put a monitor on me and they start your exercises very slowly, you know, but you feel real secure. that's kind of like a security blanket-- the monitor. poa: i think the best thing for women to do nowadays is to understand their own risk factors, their family history, their own lifestyle, know... are they at greatly increased risk for heart disease? and modify the risk factors that have been proven with studies thus far. i just got off the treadmill. hamilton: yes, i changed a lot of things. i quit smoking. never touched another cigarette. they did hav
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)